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  • Badlands 777 releases the fourth issue of their self-published magazine entitled, NOT ME, NOT YOU, NOT THEM, BUT US.

    The issue presents a compilation of work from artists, photographers, performers and musicians from all corners of the world, bound by the universal themes of connection and collaboration.There is no me, you or them. There is only us. Nothing exists in isolation. Come together.

    Features photography from Monika Mogi, Ivar Wigan, Hui Li, Lula Hyers, Henry Gorse, Chloe Sheppard and many more. Features include a conversation with Luo Yang and Billie JD Porter alongside exclusive images from Yang’s Girls photo series; an interview with Clementine Creevy by Ellie Rowsell; an interview with Sateen by Billie JD Porter; and interviews between Shygirl and JGrrey.

    The cover features Kiko Mizuhara, shot in Tokyo, Japan by Monika Mogi.


    BADLANDS 777 ISSUE #429cm×20cm 127P由Chloe,Jade和Lily Rose创刊于伦敦的BADLANDS777,时隔两年发行以「NOT ME, NOT YOU, NOT THEM, BUT US.」为主题的第四期内容。汇集了来自世界各地的艺术家、摄影师、表演者和音乐家们产生连接关系和合作的作品。

    收录了包括Billie JD Porter与Sateen、中国摄影师罗洋的采访;罗洋于2008年开始着手创作的“Girls”系列人像;BADLANDS777的创始人们参与造型,同样是中国摄影师的李晖掌镜,在杭州完成了一组散发绝妙氛围的拍摄; Shygirl和JGrrey之间的对话;以及更多来自: Monika Mogi(茂木モニカ), Ivar Wigan, Lula Hyers, Henry Gorse, Chloe Sheppard 等摄影师的作品。

    本期封面来自摄影师Monika Mogi(茂木モニカ)在日本拍摄的演员/模特水原希子。

    20 x 29cm 
    128 pages

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