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    edition of 1000

    Contributors include Honor Levy, Lovefoxx, Rachel Rabbit White, Sybil Prentice, Madeline Quinn, Alicia Novella Vasquez, Naomi Fry, Lara Konrad, Isabella Lovestory, Jordan Barse, Rae Elliman, Biz Sherbert, Daisy Sanchez, Katherine Frazer, Sally Thurer, Kaitlin Phillips, Bertie Brandes, Linlin, Maque, Luqi Yu, Bill Drummond, Butterfly Minmin, Luísa Matsushita, Clare Gillen, Echo Wu, Dean Kissick

    Featuring: Asses, Angels, Blood, Brutalism, Black Yoga Pants, Covenants, Chevy Chase, Cold Feet, Corfu, Fumbles, Hiccups, Epiphanies, The Cosmic Structure of New York City in 2021, Faith, Helicopters, Kidnapping, Client Calls, Keith, The Further Adventures of Lovefoxx, The Clouds in the Sky, Nuclear Bombs, Pork Products, Prank Calls, Python Creepers, Prayers For Oneness, Swimming, I Love You Cake, Weighted Blankets, My Wants, My Needs.

    Printed in New York City on heavy weight newsprint.

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