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  • Days Like Pronoia is a stitch-bound zine with text and illustration by Nichole Shinn. According to TXTbooks, “’Pronoia’ is an unshakable feeling that everything is conspiring in your favor.” This zine combines brightly-colored fantastical characters that look like illustrations from a highly detailed coloring book with poems that jumble and confuse New Age language and describe a decaying planet. Days Like Pronoia serves as a dig into the uses and failings of healing today: “Although / Days Like Pronoia / I Can’t Seem to Get it Right.”



    4 Color Risograph (Yellow, Flo.Pink, Cornflower, Black)

    1 Color Inserts (Copper)

    48 pages

    8inches x 10inches

    Side Stitch at 4 holes

    Edition of 150

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