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DIZZY MAGAZINE 6 JAPAN ISSUE (with pink turtle tote)

  • Dizzy is a magazine publisher focused on bridging the gap between artists of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of exposure.

    Dizzy Magazine was founded by Arvid Logan and Milah Libin in the summer of 2016.


    ISSUE 6 features artists all based in Japan. The text is written in both English and Japanese. 


    Comes with DIZZY TURTLE sticker 
    140 pages, color

    ✿ ART ✿ 
    Makoto Kobayashi (COVER) 
    Monika Mogi in conversation with Bobbi Menuez 
    Motoyuki Daifu 
    Kenichi Mori 
    Ibuki Sakai and Manon Macasaet 
    Takashi Nemoto and Mimi Yamasaki

    ✿ MUSIC ✿ 
    Two Worlds by Rhylli Ogiura — interviews with Nanae, Sayaka Suzuki, and Keiko Ban

    ✿ WRITING ✿ 
    Shuntaro Tanikawa and Cai Tanikawa Oglesby

    ✿ STYLE ✿ 
    Maina’s T-Shirt Collection

    ✿ 12 AND UNDER ✿ 

    ✿ FOOD ✿ 
    Mama Luli’s Recipe

    ✿ PET PAGE ✿ 
    Hannah, Aiko's dog


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