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feyfey WORLDWIDE - 0x0 100% AIR Purse (gray wave)

Only 5 left in stock
  • feyfey WORLDWIDE 2021 Holiday Special 

    collaborated with 0x0 run by @mysteriousasianwoman




    how to use: 

    Take out the battery case, make sure the cable is connected;

    Press and hold ‘up’ button for 3 seconds to power on;

    The screen will indicate wind power symbol,then the remaining hours that you can use the bag in its inflated shape;

    Press the power ‘up’ and ‘down‘ button to adjust power of the fan if you would like to, the power affects shape of your bag;

    Press and hold the ‘down’ button for 3 seconds to power off;

    Please recharge the battery with the paired charger.


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