• HanyZhg
    Currently reside in Milan, M.A of Brera Academy
    Trying to find the balance between patterns and stories
    The conflict and logic between computer perfection and spontaneity of performance

    Fruit Exhitition “Palm” Bologna Italy February 2017
    Studi Festival “swim in a dark sea ” Milan Italy March 2017
    Ratata festival “avocado” Macerata Italy April 2017
    Palmario “swim in a dark sea ” Milan Italy May 2017
    Libri d’artista a Plazzo “Aquarium” Mlian Italy July 2017 
    Landmark “square” Milan Italy July 2017
    Art book in China "Aquarium" Shanghai China August 2017


    14.5x18cm   28 pages


    When I was watching a dolphin show in an aquarium, the seats and the entire aquarium were divided into parts suddenly.


    Me and those two people who sit next to me have trapped by our seats.


    The sharks came.


    We were holding the seats tightly that we wouldn't  fall into the water.  


    The sharks came over and mocking. 


    After a while, I thought, that might be it, eat me better than eat them two.


    So I fell down into the sea.


    I heard the sharks were connecting each other, like, they won't eat a person who gives up life or something, a loser.


    Fuck! I'm not! It's not truth!


    But I'm so tired and there's no way back. 


    They started to bite me, afterwards.


    I saw my body crushed by sharks, fragmented into pieces without any feelings.


    There's  blood.


    There's  nothing. 


    I was dead.


    I don't want to be death.






    Suddenly I found myself  lying on the beach, a brand new body with weird scars all over it. I got up, walked back home like nothing happened.


    I got home, saw my mom on the phone looking for me. She saw me back then started cooking, simple meal as usual.


    After dinner, we watched TV together in the couch, and she asked if I want to take a walk on the beach. I said, yes.


    Then she held my hand.




    Then she held my hand .