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  • Joan Manel Pérez


    Instead of assembly instructions, however, the book is a “how to” in which, in 29 steps, an all-seeing God character creates Hell, the Earth, and human life.


    At first they’re rather straightforward, but the steps become increasingly abstract and reliant on a sort of miracle-like magic that can only be provided by a God.


    If you’ve ever had to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture, this situation is all too familiar. Better yet: the Allen wrench included with the manual isn’t put to use in the process of world creation, but is instead revealed to be a gift from the devil to Adam and Eve — it’s their forbidden fruit. Now they (and you) have a tool to takeover the world.


    21x30cm   24 pages

    DEC 2015   first edition

    recycled paper

    with an Allen wrench

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